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Lipblush/Lip color correction is technique in which lip color is neutralized or enhanced to natural pink or coral shades

With permanent makeup we can modify shape of lips, achieve symmetry and make them fuller. 


 Course content :

  • Lip Anatomy

  • Sanitation

  • Choosing a color

  • Understanding color in lips

  • Dark lips types

  • Neutralization types according to lip color

  • Mapping and shape correction

  • Step by step instruction to achieving a full lip 

  • Types of shading

  • Pre-procedure prep

  • Aftercare

  • Contraindication

  • Types of corrections:

  • 3D lips

  • Anti-aging lips

  • Baby Lips 

  • Dark lip neutralization

  • Certificate will be given after completion of course

Course Price : 18,000/- Inr

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