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Certification In  Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels 

(solo & combination peeling)

  • Glycolic

  • Salicylic

  • Tri chloro Acetic Acid

  • Yellow peel

  • Retinol Peels

  • Advance Deep Chemical Peels

  • Resorcinol peel

  • Veg Peel

  • Peels According to Skin Condition

  • a. Wrinkle Correction
    b. Skin Rejuvenation

  • c. Photo Ageing   
    - Mild Chemical Peels for :
    a. Anti Tanning
    b. Skin Whitening

      c. Skin Smoothening & Tightening

      d. Periorbital Pigmentation

Fees: ,20000/-
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